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Finders Keepers

Making its way into form in 2009, the label began as the brainchild of Australian Fashion Labels’ Design Director, Melanie Flintoft.

Finders Keepers is one of the globe’s most sought-after fashion labels. The aesthetic is unashamedly feminine, play ful and alluring. The feeling is confident, playful and expressive. Finders Keepers is for the girl who takes untold pleasure in styling her look from head to toe, being at the forefront of new trends and shining like a diamond in her sartorial choices.

“Finders Keepers is a brand for everyone,” Kate Anderson, Finders Keepers designer says. “It’s not exclusive, but com pletely the opposite. We want all women who appreciate a simple design with amazing fabrication and a great fit to be in our clothes. Dressing is such an important part of who you are right now. It’s a form of self-expression... I always feel best when I put together a great outfit, and we want to provide that feeling for those that wear our label too.”

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